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Address:No.6,Xingwang Road,Wanxing Industrial Park,Wuqing District,Tianjin
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    Tianjin Pengguang Technology Co., Ltd. was established in May 2004 and is located at No. 6, Xingwang Road, Wanxing Industrial Park, Chenzui Town, Wuqing District, Tianjin. The company has CNC multi-station turret punch presses, plate shears, high-power laser cutting machines, CNC bending machines, CNC pipe bending machines, necking machines, EDM CNC cutting machines, universal radial milling machines, ordinary lathes, Second, advanced equipment such as welding machines can integrate punching, shearing, bending, cutting, grinding, milling, drilling, and welding into one, meeting customer product needs from different angles.

    The company's equipment is equipped with large and medium-sized structural parts welding, sheet metal parts from sheet to thick plate blanking forming, bending, fittings, and integrated welding. At present, it mainly includes GEA Machinery (Tianjin) Co., Ltd., Tianjin Evergreen Technology Group, Langfang Marini-Faya Machinery Co., Ltd., Bremen Beck (Shanghai) Automatic Control System Co., Ltd. Tianjin Branch, etc. Enterprises provide quality services.

    The company has a scientific and efficient information management operation system. Adhering to the concept of "integrity and dedication, creating value", Pengguang Technology always regards the value of customers as the core of enterprise development. Scientific management, forge ahead, provide customers with high-quality and efficient services, and strive to make Pengguang Technology a symbol of high-quality mechanical products.


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